Training for Newcomers

Corporate Culture and Communication in Canada - Online Modules

Our staff team have created 15 online modules for newcomers that will help to orient you to corporate culture and communication in Canada. Corporate culture is not something that anyone knows how to navigate automatically, it is something that must be learned. This is true for those new to the workplace (new graduates), or those new to Canada. 

This training will prepare you to integrate into the Canadian workplace and help you to effectively communicate with your co-workers, manager and customers. This 15-hour course was develped by experts and is targeted to technical professionals. 

Program subjects (Access to 15 modules for 4 months):

  • Module 1: Canadian Culture
  • Module 2: Making a Good First Impression
  • Module 3: Body Language & Personal Image
  • Module 4: Small Talk
  • Module 5: Being Resilient
  • Module 6: The Office Party
  • Module 7: Real Life Scenarios Decoded Pt. 1
  • Module 8: Real Life Scenarios Deconded Pt. 2
  • Module 9: Intergenerational Communication
  • Module 10: Teamwork
  • Module 11: Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Module 12: Meetings in Canada
  • Module 13: Powerful Presentations
  • Module 14: You have a Job - Now What?
  • Module 15: Managing your Performance 
Cost: $30 Book Now

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have successfully registered for the course you will be sent your course log-in information from  Please allow for approximately 48 hour response time. For more information about this workshop, please contact Dash Paja at