PAIE is an Ontario bridge training program designed to connect employers with highly skilled environmental professionals who bring international experience and credentials in:

  • Engineering, Planning, Ecology, Geoscience

Participants will gain an increased understanding of and exposure to the environmental industry and experts in the field, with the goal of finding employment in a highly specialized and competitive sector. Participants should be prepared to attend training and workshops on a part-time basis during the day, evening and on Saturdays as required, for a period of approximately 12 months. The PAIE Program offers a variety of services to meet your individual needs:

*Participants will be assessed and an individual development plan will be identified to match the services of the program to the needs of the individual services available to PAIE Participants include:

  • Unlimited individual and group employment counseling
  • Job Search workshops targeted to your profession
  • Canadian Corporate Culture and Communication workshops
  • Technical and software workshops targeted to your profession
  • Mentoring support if required
  • Language and clear communication workshops if required
  • Opportunities to gain local experience


Engineering / Geoscience / Environmental Science / Planning 


Geology and Geoscience: experience conducting geological surveys, field studies, soil/rock core samples, geochemical sampling, erosion/sedimentation analysis, contaminant identification, and geological mapping

Civil/Municipal/Water/Wastewater: with large/municipal infrastructure design, construction/field, and operation experience

Environmental: with environmental impact assessment legislation/policies/procedures, contaminated land assessment, mitigation, remediation and environmental health and safety experience

Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Groundwater: with field work, monitoring, evaluating, modeling, and development experience

Geotechnical: with earth retention, foundation support, ground improvement, and treatment experience

Surface/Storm Water Management: with modeling, field, construction, operation and maintenance, design, and site inspection experience on new, existing, and green infrastructure (LID considered an asset)

Water Resources: with surface and storm water, conservation, restoration, and management experience

Solid Waste Management: with environmental health and safety, sampling, and testing experience

Transportation/Traffic: with design, construction, operation, and repair of transportation infrastructure experience

Mechanical: with residential and commercial HVAC, BAS, and building controls experience

Energy Management: with energy audit, analysis, or modelling experience (CEM, CMVP, ISO 50001 considered assets)

Electrical: with building services design, construction, and operation experience

Power: with renewable energy generation systems design, construction, operation and/or maintenance experience

Industrial/Process/Chemical: with process improvement and energy management industrial experience

Civil, Construction and Architectural: with green building design and construction surveying, field engineering, scheduling, planning, and project coordination experience (LEED, BREEAM are considered assets)

GIS Specialists: with conservation or planning experience

Air and Emissions: with air quality field testing, emission inventories, and regulatory compliance evaluation experience


(Environmental Sciences)

Environmental Sciences: with environmental impact assessment, environmental site assessment, soil/air quality testing, environmental/ecological monitoring, and environmental management experience

Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology: with field and lab research experience testing ecosystem functions, biodiversity, ecological processes, soil/water quality, and wildlife monitoring

Watershed Planning: with water quality monitoring, watershed management, conservation, planning and design experience

Sustainability: with experience developing sustainability policies, standards, and targets for air, water, waste, and energy systems

Environmental Education: with experience evaluating and coordinating environmental education programs

Environmental Management Systems/ISO 14001: with experience in environmental management policies, environmental strategies, sustainable development, resource conservation, and working knowledge of IS0 14001



Urban Planning & Urban Design: with planning and design experience for zoning, subdivisions, transportation and development

Environmental Planning: with planning and design experience for environmental, restoration, and conservation projects

Community Planning: with planning and design experience for community facilities, parks, zoning, subdivisions, transportation and public utilities

Landscape Design: with planning and design experience in landscape architecture and land development

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