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Corporate Culture and Communication in Canada - Emodules

Our staff team have created 15 online modules for newcomers that will help to orient you to corporate culture and communication in Canada. Corporate culture is not something that anyone knows how to navigate automatically, it is something that must be learned. This is true for those new to the workplace (new graduates), or those new to Canada. 

This training will prepare you to integrate into the Canadian workplace and help you to effectively communicate with your co-workers, manager and customers. This 15 hour course was develped by experts and is targeted to technical professionals. 

Cost: $30 for entire course (access to 15 modules for 4 months)


Module 1: Canadian Culture 
  • This module will give you an overview of the top key concepts you need to know about Canadian culture.
Module 2: Making a Good First Impression
  • How do people see you? Find out by watching this module!
Module 3: Body Language & Personal Image
  • This module highlights how to present yourself in the best possible light when starting a new job. 
Module 4: Small Talk
  • This module introduces you to the "art" of small talk in Canadian culture and explains how to do it effectively and authentically. 
Module 5: Being Resilient 
  • This module will introduce you to strategies that help you navigate the challanges of starting a new job.
Module 6: The Office Party
  • This module will introduce you to a typical office party in Canada and provide you with tips on how to conduct yourself
Module 7: Real Life Scenarios Decoded Part 1
  • This topic will discuss how to deal with office gossip and how to communicate diplomatically and keep positive rapport at work. It will also touch on the very important topic of taking initiative at work. 
Module 8: Real Life Scenarios Decoded Part 2
  • This module looks at how to approach the workplace lunchroom. It will then discuss what to do when you feel you may want to quit the job, and finally what to do when you work for more than one manager. 
Module 9: Intergenerational Communication
  • This module explains how working with people of different ages (generations) can be handled and how to tailor your communication for each group. 
Module 10: Teamwork
  • Teams work very differently around the world. Find out how teams work in Canada so you don't step on any toes!
Module 11: Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Do you know how to give and receive feedback in Canada? It is very different than in many other parts of the world. Watch this module to become a feedback pro.
Module 12: Meetings in Canada
  • Meetings are also very different in Canada than in other parts of the world. Find out how they work and how to best conduct yourself. 
Module 13: Powerful Presentations
  • Giving presentations is very common in Canada. This module gives you strategies for successful presentations. 
Module 14: You Have a Job - Now What?
  • Getting a job is difficult, so you want to do all you can to keep it! 
Module 15: Managing Your Performance
  • How do you make sure you're doing your job well? Watch this module.

Environmental Legislation E Module

This module introduces you to Canadian legislations and regulations in the environemtnal sector.

Cost: $10


Flood Plain Management

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