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We are continously collecting information to share with employers that will assist you with recruiting and retaining internationally trained newcomers in the fields of engineering, geoscience, planning, green building, and enviornmental sciences.This section will provide you with some information for human resources management, programs and services for employers, programs and services for employees, regulatory information, and success stories. With a combination of articles, websites, and videos, we hope to continue to inform employers on recruitment and retaintion strategies of internationally trained newcomers.

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Employer Training

The goal our Employer Engagement Project was to conduct a needs analysis with employers and to create training and resources for hiring managers that will help guide them in recruiting, hiring, and retaining interntionally trained professionals in the environmental sector.  

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Understanding International Experience and Credentials

 It was made evident from our research that one of the biggest challenges that hiring managers and human resources professionals face is understanding the international experience and credentials of internationally trained professionals. This online learning module aims to assist you in overcoming this challenge by offering strategies and suggestions which will help you in your hiring process. There will be opportunities to apply your knowledge throughout the module and to be visually engaged.





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