Employer Engagement Project


Led by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), the “Employer Engagement: Strategies for Integration and Retention Project" will support the transition of Internationally Trained Professionals into Ontario’s labor market at a level commensurate with their skills and experience. 

How does this project benefit employers?

The project will develop workshops, online modules, and tools/resources to equip employers to understand and address considerations related to the recruitment and retention of Internationally Trained Professionals. Employers will benefit from having a direct role in informing, and then accessing, the tools and training developed through the project. This project will engage employers within the engineering, geoscience, planning, green building and environmental science sectors.

What are the project timelines?

The program is split into stages:

  • SPRING 2016 The first stage of the program seeks to understand what training and resources employers feel would help them in the hiring and retention of Internatioanlly Trained Professioanls.  This step can be completed either through in person/ a phone conversation, an online survey, or participation in a focus group.
  • SUMMER 2016 The second stage of the program will see the development of training materials by the team based upon the feedback received during the initial information gathering stage.
  • FALL 2016 In the third stage, employers will be given the opportunity to experience, utilize, and provide recomendations for improvements to all the training materials created by the team.

How can I participate in this program?

If you work in the Human Resources department of your organization, or directly hire and/or supervise staff in the fields of engineering, geoscience, planning, green building and environmental science, you are encouraged to partake in the Employer Engagement Project. 

We are currently seeking employer feedback through interviews and/or a survey in order to better understand employer recruitment and retention experiences. If you are interested in participating in our survey and/or an interview, please contact the project coordinator, Andrea Lekic, at alekic@trca.on.ca, or click here to sign up for more information on the project.

Project Contact:

Andrea Lekic at alekic@trca.on.ca.